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We strongly recommend you to diagnose and, if needed, repair your appliance in case you notice any signs of abnormal efficiency drops or if your refrigerator cycles become longer and louder.

Sub-Zero Undercounter Refrigerator Repair

Nothing says convenience as much as compact Sub-Zero refrigerators, beverage centers and refrigerated drawers strategically located around your house.
It is worth pointing out, however, that even a small undercounter refrigerator is bound to have the same kind of problem as a full-sized French door unit. Both of these appliance types require regular maintenance and can be somewhat tricky to troubleshoot in case of the performance decrease.

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Undercounter Drawers Repair

Sub-Zero undercounter drawers are an ideal solution for storing food that you would like to access a lot.
Refrigerated drawers are far better at preserving the low temperature without significant energy cost than that “normal” swing-door counterparts.
Compact and convenient, these refrigerators can be rather convenient in a big house – and this is why it is important to diagnose any malfunctions early and repair them before the problem gets worse.

Undercounter Refrigerator Repair

Compact undercounter refrigerators are a great universal solution that may fit any house. These appliances can be used both for storing beverages and food, combining the best of both worlds.
Albeit undercounter refrigerators prove more durables than full-sized appliances they still encounter a wide range of problems and require regular maintenance and occasional repair.

Undercounter Beverage Center Repair

There is nothing as good as a cool drink during a hot summer, and most of the time these are the compact beverage centers that do all the cooling work for you.
There is no need to throw away your beverage center in case it quits working or in case it develops a fault or two – most of the faults with Sub-Zero appliances can be easily repaired and the broken parts replaced.

Undercounter Refrigerators Features

Undercounter refrigeration is manufactured with all steel cabinets and has steady, reliable refrigeration. Specifically, the condenser is located below the unit, so it can be built in an island, bar or just about any kitchen installation.
Freestanding is a dorm refrigerator. It's all plastic with the condenser on the back so it cannot be placed next to a cabinet or built-in.
Their temperature is also less consistent than a true undercounter refrigerator.
The racks are typically plastic as well.
One quick tip: Beverage coolers can usually accommodate wine. However, you should not store wine long-term in any other product than a wine cooler.

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