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Fridge Too Cold or Too Warm
Strange Noises
Stop the Leak!
Ice Maker Isn’t Working
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Fridge’s temperature isn’t low enough
This is another one of those problems that is multifaceted because it can happen in the refrigerator or the freezer part. This problem is then complicated by whether it is getting too warm or too cold. Either way, it is actually a common problem. If a refrigerator is getting too warm, it’s because of a broken air inlet damper. If the refrigerator or freezer is getting too cold, it is because of a thermostat or temperature control.
Defrost thermostat needs to be replaced.
Refrigerator is making loud and constant noises
This problem is diagnosed based on what part of the refrigerator the noise is coming from. When the noise is coming from the refrigerator part, it is most likely due to a bad condenser fan motor. If the noise is coming from the freezer, it is most likely because of a faulty evaporator fan motor.
This is the most common reason why people call us to come and repair their refrigerator.
Water Leak
This common problem is usually easy to fix because there are only a few potential offenders!
There are a couple of different things that can cause this problem. It could be a result of a faulty door latch or closure, or it could be because of a broken water inlet valve.
In any case it may be, our service technicians have the parts and tools in their service vehicles necessary to fix the problem and stop the leak.
Door gasket, defrost drain and drain pan.
Ice Maker isn’t making ice cubes
Commonly, it is probably because of a bad temperature control in the freezer. The ice maker motor module may have seized up and needs to be replaced.  Another likely culprit could be a clogged water inlet valve or water fill tubes. There are also times when the ice maker may produce ice cubes that smell bad or it is working way too slow.
No matter what it is, we will be able to take care of the problem.
Advance West Coast Appliance Repair
Advance West Coast Appliance Repair company is the company that can offer you same-day repair and repairs that are going to finish within our first visit to your home. We understand what it means to have a refrigerator that is broken for too long, and we will work fast to get it working again.